Amazing Arabic Mehndi Designs Amazing Arabic Mehndi Designs

Amazing Arabic Mehndi Designs

Indian weddings are a celebration! They span out for 3 days (at least!) and the functions held throughout that time all hold significance in the couple’s upcoming married life. One of them is the mehendi function. The first big event leading up to the nuptials and characterized by henna application on the hands & feet of the bride, groom, and their close family members. The traditional saying is the darker the color of the henna, the more is the love of their partner for them. Rest, the day is replete with cheery dance performances, fun banter, and delectable food. There’s one important decision making to do though – for both the bride and other family members. What kind of mehndi design would they like for the special occasion? With the option of traditional mehndi, bharwa mehndi, arabic mehndi designs, minimalist henna designs, etc. the choices are confusing. We have uploaded blogs on other henna designs to make the decision easier (check them here), here’s one that includes 71 latest Arabic mehndi designs so you can bookmark the ones you love the most!

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