Puff sleeve blouse design for silk saree Puff sleeve blouse design for silk saree

Puff sleeve blouse design for silk saree

Puff sleeves blouses are a popular design in women’s fashion. They are characterized by their full, puffy sleeves that add volume and shape to the upper arm. There are several different design options for puff sleeves blouses, including:

Balloon sleeves are very full and gather at the shoulder, creating a balloon-like shape. Puffed sleeves are slightly less full than balloon sleeves and gather at the shoulder. Ruched sleeves are gathered and gathered in a row along the arm. Gathered sleeves are Similar to ruched sleeves, but gathered at a single point at the shoulder. Bishop sleeves have a full, bell-like shape and can be gathered at the cuff or wrist. Butterfly sleeves are shaped like butterfly wings and are often found on off-shoulder blouses. Lantern sleeves are wide at the top and narrow at the cuff, resembling a lantern shape.

These designs can be paired with different necklines such as V-neck, round-neck, square-neck, and many more. These puff sleeves blouses can be worn on any occasion such as casual outings, parties, and even on formal events.

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